Playful, colorful, fun, young, sexy, that’s what bebe is all about.  The company took its Fall collection to the Style 360 Studios at the Metropolitan Pavilion, where a single violinist, Caitlin Moe, introduced the show with a rock ‘n’ roll beat, then gave way to DJ Mia Moretti, and the models hit the runway in a blaze of color.

It was a line of club clothes for the 21st Century, in bright red, cobalt blue , vivid green and lemon yellow.  Even the models had streaks of color in their hair.  Everything about it was all you’d expect from bebe, really, short, form-fitting dresses, a series of flirty, colorful see-through skirts and tops, trimmed in black and showing off bare midriffs through netting, a satiny dress with ruffles at the hemline or the neck.  The Statue of Liberty was a big print theme, as was something they called “barbed wire”.

     The girls all wore ponytails, bright red lips and pointy stilettos.  As I said, pretty much what you’d expect from bebe.  It’s a company that knows its audience, and caters perfectly to them.  But, whether you’ve got the age or the body for bebe, it’s still a great show to see, and, hey, we can all dream.

Photography: Anton Brookes

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