DesigualWhat is it about Desigual that just makes me happy?  I can’t pass one of the Barcelona-based fashion house’s New York shops without stopping in, and, once in, I can’t keep from smiling.  At once, you’re surrounded by wild patterns, serious design with crazy twists and color, color, color. Maybe it’s the inescapable desire to carry some of that fun home in a bag, but I buy something every time I’m there, and I own far more Desigual than I probably should.


DesigualDesigualDesigualDesigualPerhaps that is why I was so excited to see Desigual showing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  I knew what I would see, and I knew I’d leave smiling.  That attitude hasn’t escaped Managing Director Manel Jadraque, who told me backstage, before the show, “fashion should be about fun.  Bright colors make people feel happy, and that’s how we want them to feel.”

DesigualDesigualDesigualDesigualDesigualDesigualDesigualDesigual The show’s theme, not surprisingly, was “For Everybody, Fun, Sex and Love.” Models strutted, danced, waved and winked their way down the runway, a preview of the way our lives should be when we’re decked out in Desigual.  Fun was black and white and mod, all over, a mix of graphic prints and giant flowers in perfect summer dresses, coats, skirts, big floppy hats and totes.

DesigualDesigualDesigualDesigualDesigualDesigualDesigualDesigual Moving from Mod to Hippie, the “Love” portion of the show featured big, wide-legged pants, skirts, shorts and tops in a cacophony of color and patterns.  I would say they’re not for the faint of heart, but you can’t see this much ready-to-wear joy without wearing it. Remember girls in their summer dresses?  Well, they’re back, and they’ll be buying them from Desigual.


DesigualDesigualDesigualDesigualDesigualDesigualDesigualDesigual What’s left?  Oh, yes, sex.  That came in the form of sheer blacks, beaded and sequined, just right for a hot summer night.


There was menswear, in Desigual’s classic blazers and bright colored shirts, conservative in design, pure party in patterns and hues.

DesigualDesigualDesigualDesigual Desigual When you’re frozen and covered in wet, nasty snow, and you begin to doubt whether summer will ever come, just take a look at these photos and remember:  it will be back, and Desigual is ready.

Photography: Anton Brookes

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