image9There is something that sets Naeem Khan apart from pretty nearly every other designer who shows at New York Fashion Week.  His collections are about pure, unadulterated glamour.  Look after look, walking down the runway, each more breathtaking than the one before it, gowns that take red-carpet dressing to a whole new, and more elegant, level.

image6He dedicated this collection to his mentor, the legendary Halston, for whom he worked in the ‘70s, and inspired, also, by his deep love of cooking.  In his notes, he said, “to me, taste has color.”  And this collection was about as full of vibrant, brilliant color as any I’ve ever seen.

image2image3With the ‘70s theme came graphic, mod-inspired prints, a series of color-blocked gowns that were fun and, somehow, flattering in black, white, red and a little pop of pink.  Then, suddenly, everything bloomed.  Starting with smaller, embroidered flowers, they grew in size and color.  Wild floral prints gave way to bigger, bolder patterns and what I wait for every season at Naeem, lots and lots of sparkle.

image4Image5.jpg One gown, shimmering white with red, coral and yellow flowers, made me swoon.  What I wouldn’t give for the money to buy it, the figure to wear it, and some place to go to show it off. A red-and-pink floral with a soft, white, flowing skirt was, well, magnificent.  But then, every look was.


Khan’s embroidery is legendary, and this season, he mixed it with lace to create his own signature materials.  Add on opaque glass fringe, and his painted prints, and this collection becomes unique, something only Naeem Khan can create.  And, every piece was, in some way, hand embroidered.

image7image8He says the collection was “born through my passion and love… un homage to the effortlessly confident woman.” It’s also the reason why his is, season after season, the one show I refuse to miss. Naeem Khan is what fashion week is all about, old school glamour mixed with very modern design.

© Red Stiletto Media 2016                   Photography: Anton Brookes

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