IMG_1060 Son Jung WanSeason after season, Son Jung Wan brings something extra to the runways of New York Fashion Week. I think it’s the sense of gentleness that emanates from her and from her designs. I’m not saying her looks aren’t bold, because they are, but bold in a kind of quiet way.

IMG_0780_editImage2Case in point: her Spring/Summer 2016 collection, inspired by the seascape of Korea’s Jeju Island. Backstage before the show, she told me, “I was inspired by the beauty of the island and the beautiful oceans around it. I tried to express that beauty, of nature and the calm oceans with the colors of the sea.”

Image3Image4Those pale colors beautifully represent elements of the sea, grey for the storm clouds, blue for “a breath on an early morning by the seaside”, champagne for the misty sunshine, along with mint, ivory and the palest pink. Pops came in the form of metallic blue and shining silver that reflects the light in bright rainbow shades, or a vibrant metallic turquoise that surely came from the bottom of the ocean.

Image5Image6Her textures, as ever, add to the story, combining form with fluidity, leather with sheer silk, structure with shine. All elements of the seaside were represented: shiny, seashell-like dresses, more matte shifts, reminiscent of sand, joyous stripes for the tropical fish.

Image7Image8Dresses were formed from the most buttery leather, flowing silks or structures, gleaming fabrics, and her mastery of the asymmetrical was present in nearly every look. Menswear, too, carried the theme, with classic shorts and light sweaters decorated with sequins or seashells.

Image9Image10Mostly what shows through is her grasp of femininity, looks designed for women who are strong, but never forget they are women.

Image11IMG_1259 Son Jung WanThese are pieces that are classic Son Jung Wan, but, as ever, provide a new twist, a tiny surprise that keeps her collections modern, elegant and beautiful.

© Red Stiletto Media 2016                                                                 Photography: Anton Brookes

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