Berenik 2.JPG 72Pier 59 has long been the runway home for the, let’s say, less mainstream designers. So, Veronika Brusa’s Berenik line fit right in. It was just the right space for these super-modern designs.

Image1Image2The Swiss designer was a graphic artist before turning her talents towards fashion, and it shows. Inspired by friend, studio-mate and artist Steve Voll, Brusa’s mission was clear: “a wild mix of art objects developed into various prints.”

Image3Image4The cuts are beyond relaxed. You can’t imagine being stressed in these oversized jackets, wide pants, slouchy jumpsuits and hoodies. Then she took the most comfy fabrics, cotton, stone-washed denim, linen, leather, mesh and various polys, worked some kind of magic, and printed them with patterns, some blatantly graphic, some softer, and turned out a line that accomplished her goal: blending elegance and comfort to create looks that are contemporary, sporty and chic.

Image5Image6Even the leather sandals, which could have looked a bit hippie-throwback, added a certain sense of style. I must admit that, at the start of the show, I believed I wasn’t going to be a fan. By the finale, I could see what a bold and creative collection this is, young, modern, wearable and artistic.

© Red Stiletto Media                                        Photography: Anton Brookes

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