IMG_9383.JPG 72It was a rainy, steamy September night when crowds gathered to see Greg Lauren’s creations for fall.  It all sort of came together perfectly to fit the designer’s theme.  Art Beam was transformed into a different world, a smoky, slightly dangerous-feeling, downscale men’s club from another era.

IMG_9342 Greg Lauren Greg Lauren Greg LaurenImage1From a distance, we saw sketchy-looking characters holding up the walls, or joined in hushed conversations, while far-too-pretty boxers seemed to slug it out, slowly, in a ring in the center of the room, all dressed in tattered tops and sweats or slacks, ripped and worn, like the men wearing them.

IMG_9387 Greg Lauren Greg LaurenThen you get a bit closer, and realize the wear and tear is decidedly calculated, a kind of trademark of the Greg Lauren line, relaxed, tattered, yet classic, and oh, so luxurious. Even the leader, or “Hero”, of this rag-tag but handsome bunch, is Tyson Beckford.  Nothing is as it appears.



IMG_9292 Greg Lauren Greg Lauren Greg Lauren

IMG_9322 Greg Lauren Greg Lauren Greg LaurenThough the scene was a bit world-weary, the clothes definitely are not.  Lauren, who has tried his hand at so many things before discovering designing, has been evolving since his first collection, and this is a big step forward in that journey.

IMG_9331 Greg Lauren Greg Lauren Greg Lauren This is fashion for style-conscious men on the days they don’t want to look polished, but still want the world to know they care about how they do look. They’re clothes are beautifully made, ooze comfort, style and, perhaps most importantly, confidence.

© Red Stiletto Media 2016        Photography: Anton Brookes

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