NovisWhen I receive my invitation from Novis, it feels like I’m going to meet an old friend, someone I’ve seen twice a year, every year, for, I don’t know how long, to have a look in her closet at what she’ll be wearing next season. So I was surprised to discover this is only the fifth season designer Jordana Warmflash has shown at New York’s Fashion Week.

NovisI guess I’ve come to look forward to what her eye for color, pattern, texture will bring to the runway or, rather, the presentation space, every time. There is something unique, I think, about the way she constructs a serious dress, top, skirt or coat, then turns each piece into something fun and magical, the first thing I’d reach for to brighten every morning.

NovisFor Fall 2015, it started (for me, anyway) with fabrics. Silk, cashmere and crepe jacquard, leather, herringbone and satin gave this collection a solid feel and mix of textures that made me want to touch every piece.

 NovisA-line skirts and dresses, super-slim and wide-legged pants and comfy sweaters are all beautifully tailored, practical, ready for the office. Then comes the twist that makes this uniquely Novis: bold patterns and bright colors that turn the work-a-day into joyful ready-to-wear.

NovisShe told me the inspiration for the collection was a series of cutouts, and the use of color, shape and texture. “I just carried that into the collection,” she said. It’s perfect for the Novis girl, whom she described as “someone who’s playful and young and sophisticated, but who also appreciates tailored silhouettes.”

 NovisThat describes the Novis style perfectly. It’s a kind of a modern mod, colorful, beautiful and happy. Outerwear looked equally easy to wear, with one big, cozy wrap a particular favorite.

 NovisAnd, yes, there is eveningwear in this collection. One fitted cream silk beaded gown was ethereal in its beauty. But if heavenly isn’t your thing, you can keep with the fun theme, as in a strapless, aubergine “squiggle” gown that will make you the talk of any party.

Once again, Warmflash has proven to be a designer who knows her line and knows her customer so well, and she delivers, season after season.

Photography: Anton Brookes

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