DesigualWhen you go to work every day on the Barcelona beaches, you are, eventually, going to notice the savvy style of the women you see every day. That’s what the designers at Desigual did for Spring/Summer 2016, took their inspiration from the women of Barcelona. They spotted three different types of women, actually: the carefree eccentric, the eclectic sensualist and the sophisticated intellectual.

Image1Image2Right from the start, you’re hit with everything that Desigual is all about, bold, crazy colors, wild geometric prints, giant flowers. This is Bohemia, Barcelona style. Big, embroidered sweaters topped more modern print tops, flowers paired with stripes and, somehow, it all works when it’s Desigual.

Image3Image4You knew when the eccentrics passed and the sensualists took the stage, because things got just a bit more tailored. Oversized shirts and slid over mini-dresses, skirts. Shorts were replaced by skirts and jackets got just a bit more tailored. The prints were just as big and bright, the looks just as comfy and everything screamed, summer at the beach!

Image5Image6The sophisticates? Yeah, just as bright and sunny. But, see, this is what makes Desigual the must-see show every season. The bright colors and bold prints just make you smile, you can’t help it. The patterns are designed to make you happy, and they do. But this is no gimmicky line, easily distracting you with bright, shiny things. The dresses, skirts, tops and jeans are beautifully made, well-tailored and, even better, they look good on nearly every woman.

Image7Image8The bad news is, we’ll have to wait six months to see this collection in Desigual’s shops. The good news? The looks I loved so much at their last show are in the shops right now. La Vida es Chula, indeed!

© Red Stiletto Media 2015                                                              Photography: Anton Brookes

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