IMG_7108 Christian CowanThe list of celebs who have worn Christian Cowan’s clothes reads like a designer’s dream:  Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Sia, Fergie.  Not long ago he was a student at the London College of Fashion.  Now, Paris Hilton is strutting down his runway in New York.  “I’ve dressed a lot of celebrities over the last couple of years while I was at university,” he told me, post-show.  “When I was 10 years old was the defining moment when I knew I wanted to move to America.  I’ve always been obsessed with celebrity culture here.  Everything’s larger than life.”

Image2Dressing celebs is a big deal, but to turn design into a business, you need to get a lot more people to buy what you’re selling, and so Cowan has decided to combine both of his favorite things.  “I really want to, obviously, continue to dress those icons,” he said, “but now I want to bring that in an easier way.  I want everyone to wear it and feel like a million bucks, and everyone is happy wearing it, and everyone notices and compliments her.”

Image3Cowan says he dresses women who are “not afraid”, and you would have to be truly brave to wear some of his super-sheer, super-sparkly styles.   But for those who want to glitz up their evening wear and aren’t afraid to show a little skin, Cowan’s your man.

Image4The aesthetic here is pure, unadulterated joy.  It shows in the work.  It shows in the man.  “I feel like we’re at a time when everyone needs to smile and be happy about stuff,” he says, “and so I really wanted to design for people and give them something to be happy about. I feel like, this isn’t a time to hide, and people need to be loud and out there about whatever they feel, and I wanted to embody that in the collection.”


IMG_7017 Christian CowanI have a feeling we may require his brand of optimism next season, and for several seasons after that, as well.

©Red Stiletto Media 2017  Photography: Anton Brookes

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