DSC_0841It’s only her second showing at New York Fashion Week, but Stella Nolasco upped the glamour quotient exponentially

Image1Image2The Puerto Rican designer was inspired by her favorite poet, Jose de Diego for this collection, which she called “Pomarosa”. And to understand Nolasco’s collection fully, you should know a bit about de Diego. His most famous poem, “A Laura”, was inspired by a broken love affair. He was a powerful poet, but also a statesman, who fought for independence for Puerto Rico, first from Spain, then from the U.S. This collection pays tribute to both sides of de Diego, a romantic who loved freedom.

Image3Image4The show itself was poetry in motion. “You can see the colors in all the pieces”, she told me. “But you can also see the poetry. You can see that by the movement of the models on the catwalk, it’s soft and slow. It’s poetry.”

Image5Image6It’s much more than that. Nolasco’s looks are glamorous, elegant and so sexy. The colors were soft, blush, yellow and, of course, plum rose (or, pomarosa), with some black. And the fabrics added to the ethereal feel of the pieces, with soft tulle and intricate lace taking center stage. But the real wow-factor came from the embroidery, some sparkly, some swirly. One gown with a floral-embroidered top was so magnificent, girly and sexy at the same time.

Image7Image8Nolasco’s constant source of inspiration is her island, Puerto Rico, and you can see that in every one of her looks, beautiful, sexy and elegant.

© Red Stiletto Media 2015                                                          Photography: Theano Nikitas

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