Angel SanchezThere are collections that you like to see, season after season. Then, there are collections you simply cannot miss, like Angel Sanchez. Beautiful, ethereal, feminine, stunning, his looks always create the perfect fashion fantasy, and this season is no different.

Image10Image11For Spring/Summer 2016, Sanchez added a bonus: color, big, bright, bold color. Backstage before the show he told me, “I tried to represent a tropical garden with lots of references to my culture. So it has many reference to a Latin American point of view.”

Image9The Venezuelan-born designer worked in his mother’s atelier, and that’s apparent in his uncanny understanding of a woman’s body. But his training in architecture comes through in the structure of every piece, each perfectly tailored line, each incredible, feminine drape.

Image8Then there’s that garden, bursting with color, created from fabrics as soft as petals: jacquard, organza, a little lace and a lot of gazar.

Image7There are so many standouts in this collection it’s impossible to pick a favorite. There’s a bright white mid-length dotted cocktail dress that’s dripping with glamour, a soft brilliant orange strapless jumpsuit, and summer dresses in a gorgeous lime green, the hottest pink and an orange and white floral print that is just unbelievably beautiful.

Image5Image4Of course, where Sanchez, best-known for his magnificent bridal gowns, excels is evening wear. It’s not just elegant, it’s different, shimmering crop tops with flowing skirts, seemingly simple gowns with subtle touches, a jewel here, a gathering of flowers there.
One more thing that makes Angel Sanchez special: his clothes are all manufactured right here in New York, something that’s becoming more important to the city and the industry with every season.

Image3Image2If there is one fault with this collection, it’s this: it’s coming out in September, as Fall begins, and two whole seasons have to pass before we can find it in stores.

IMG_3183 Angel Sanchez© Red Stiletto Media 2015                                                               Photography: Anton Brookes

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