Maybe it’s because I’m a girl, but there is always a small ho-hum about men’s collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  I’ve always had the slightly sexist feeling that, shirts, pants, ties, make them in a few different colors, and you’ve pretty much got menswear.  It’s ok to throw a few perfunctory pieces into you’re your women’s collection, but a whole runway show, for men?  Except, that is, for Perry Ellis.

My favorite thing about John Crocco’s designs for Perry Ellis, is that there is nothing gimmicky about them.  They’re simply elegant, beautifully-tailored men’s clothes.

The Fall 2011 collection didn’t disappoint.  The clean lines were almost architectural, the colors were cool grays, browns and greens, and the mixing of textures and styles were surprising, and they worked.  Serious trousers were made from denim, tuxedo-style pants from corduroy.  There were sleek, shiny, beautifully cut suits and chunky cable-knit sweaters.  From blocked colors to big plaids, this was a wearable collected infused with lots of imagination.

But the real beauty of this show was in the outerwear, carcoats were classically tailored and perfectly fitted, military-style jackets were chic and modern, and there was even an Eisenhower jacket in a cuddly shearling.  It is no wonder his fans pack the tent every season to see what John Crocco will do next.  If I was a man, I’d wear Perry Ellis.

photography: Anton Brookes

To see our video of the Perry Ellis Fall 2011 runway, click the Red Stiletto icon below.

camera and edit: Scott Fetterman ………music: Tony Di Pietro

Produced for Red Stiletto Media

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