First there was the outrageous Duckie, then, last season, a much more serious Duckie. For Fall 2011, the two came together to create interesting looks that may not be everybody’s cup of Earl Gray, but are definitely worth a look.

Super-fitted jackets with high armholes were paired with hugely oversized pants, most of them eight-pleated, once again proving Steven Cox’s credentials as a master tailor.  The colors were definitely subdued, mostly grays and blacks, with only the occasional light blue or wild print.  This collection featured lots of knits, including one Cox and Daniel Silver called a “bruised tweed”, used in jackets as well as sweaters.

Their outerwear was art, from three-quarter coats to the season’s staple Pea Coat, Cox and Silver put a new twist on traditional favorites.  For Duckie Brown, this was a way to look back while focusing forward, relaxed, from the hair, handled by American Crew, to the big, big trousers.

photography: Anton Brookes

To see our video feature of Duckie Brown’s runway at Mercedes-Benz Fall 2011 Fashion Week, and hear more about the hair look from American Crew Artistic Director Paul Wilson, click on Red Stiletto icon below.

camera and edit: Scott Fetterman …….music: Tony Di Pietro

Produced for Red Stiletto Media

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