KaufmanfrancoKen Kaufman and Isaac Franco made what you can definitely call an intriguing debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  The designing duo, which launched KaufmanFranco in 2004, chose spies as their inspiration.  And there isn’t a look I couldn’t imagine on a Bond Girl. That is to say, it was sexy, right down to the over-the-knee, peep-toe boots.


Day wear was basically black, and it hit all the high notes for a hot and sultry collection:  lots of leather (in skirts, trousers and outerwear), simple embellishments and just enough sparkle.  Pops of color came in the tans of a leather jacket, three-quarter wool coat and the most amazing leather dress, gunmetal in super-tight leather pants, a long, sleek, simple gown, a leather skirt and jacket combo and some amazingly soft cashmere pieces.   And there was a metallic bronze that really shined.


Evening wear is where the colors came through in muted greens and rich blues.  It looked easy and comfortable, with just the right amount of glam. Short, shiny covered in sequins and strip glimmered as the models walked.


But leather is where the pair really excelled.  Subtle embossing and mixed textures made each piece stand out.


KaufmanFranco is a favorite of some celebs.  I can see that list growing in bounds after this simple but beautiful collection.  I hope we’ll see the pair again, I’d love to see what they offer for spring.

Photography: Anton Brookes

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