Reem Acra When you think Reem Acra, you thing pure glamour, elegance and weddings.  But each season, it seems Acra is growing her ready-to-wear collection (alongside her to-die-for red carpet stunners), and she does it without losing a touch of that dazzling aesthetic that makes her such a celebrity favorite.

Reem AcraReem AcraReem AcraReem Acra

This season, Acra was inspired by a trip to Japan.  It showed in the beautiful, bright red embroidery on a black satin dress and a long, flowing tunic embellished with a bird print.  It showed, also, in the high necklines in so many of her looks.

Reem AcraReem AcraReem AcraReem AcraShe played beautifully with texture and pattern, from the loose fit of a cozy, asymmetrical wrap coats to the sleek lines of a perfectly crafted leather dress.  She moved effortlessly from the softest silks to thick wool checks.  A red and black embossed leather shift dress was a particular standout. But there was little variation in color, with the only departures from black being grey, and a couple of pops of vibrant red.

Reem AcraReem AcraReem AcraReem Acra

We also saw a resurgence of fishnet, filling the cutouts on some looks, turned into gloves for evening wear, and, of course, barely covering legs, raising the reputation of the once-trashy accessory.

Reem AcraReem AcraReem AcraReem Acra

But it is in evening wear that Acra shines, season after season, and this season is no exception.  Shimmering, glimmering gowns were just breathtaking, covered in bugle beads, shining in silver, or seemingly see-through. One whispy black dress looked like it was draped in strips of gleaming black gauze. The cut and style of each and every gown was magnificent, of course, from fishtails to flowing ball gowns.

Reem AcraReem AcraReem AcraReem Acra Each one was more beautiful than the last, almost indescribably so.  A fitted white gown was embossed with black flowers.  A lacy black dress was embellished with bugle beads.  But the final look was the most amazing, incorporating every bit of her inspiration:  a black ball gown with a fishnet top, falling into a voluminous layered skirt, all of it decorated with delicate, but bright, red flowers.

Reem AcraReem AcraReem AcraReem AcraReem AcraReem AcraReem AcraReem Acra

Rare looks were particularly revealing, with high necklines and some kind of sleeves.  But it was the most dead sexy collection I think I’ve ever seen.  Oh, to have a red carpet to wear it down.

Photography: Anton Brookes

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