One of the many, many perks of getting on the official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week list is that you become one of the chosen who learns early on about new product lines, new fashion lines, new accessory lines.  And once in a great while, one of these announcements is definitely worth following up on.

IMG_0637 HH Brown

HH Brown

This season, the H.H. Brown Shoe Company, owners of licenses for such diverse lines as Kork-Ease and Carmen Marc Valvo, announce that one of their companies, Born, would be creating a handbag line for the very first time in its history.  And this was an announcement that was very much worthy of note.

HH Brown

At an event at their amazing, new(ish) showroom space on Broadway, the company unveiled the new bags.  Born is known for the fine leathers and expert craftsmanship of their shoe lines.  And that attention to detail is obvious in their new handbags, as well.  Beautiful, durable, stylish, these bags are designed to fit women with active lifestyles.  There are lovely, big totes and smaller shoulder bags, none of which are in any way precious.  These are bags that are built to last.

HH Brown

They use the same colors and textures that make their shoes so special, including their gorgeous metallic leathers.  And the price points are perfectly reasonable, especially when you consider the fact that these bags will be around a while.

HH Brown

HH Brown

The line debuts in the Fall of 2013, so watch out for them.  I’ve got mine picked out already.

Photography: Anton Brookes

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