If you are a fan of photography and photographers, and I am, then the name Richard Avedon is recognizable as much because of the style of his photographs as for his own fame.  It was from his famous images from the ‘50s and ‘60s that designer Jordana Warmflash took her inspiration for her Novis Fall/Winter 2013 collection.


From the Mod (or, pre-Mod) makeup and hair to the fresh and innocent styles, Warmflash did more than justice to the man whose work inspired her own.  There is something so fresh and so young in her designs, they almost transport you back to a far more innocent time.


Warmflash described Avedon’s influence in “the clean lines and whimsical nature of the collection.”  That was evident in nearly every piece, from a tea-length coral dress to a black sequined “prom” dress.

Novis Though the palette was mostly neutral, there were surprising pops of color and prints, like an amazing royal-blue velvet pantsuit, a bright-orange party dress or a leopard-spotted pants and trench.


There was a nice mix of textures and patterns, from spots to herringbone, velvets to big, pouffy wools.  The hair, by Linh Nguyen for Cutler/Redken was perfect, all big bangs and pin-straightness.  And the makeup by Lisa Aharon for Kevyn Aucoin had that dark, dramatic eye reminiscent of Twiggy.  It all fit perfectly with the theme.


Warmflash’s signature appears to be “Uptown elegance meets Downtown quirkiness”, evident in every piece of this collection, presented in that big, brick-walled space that is Eyebeam Studios.  But her description of Novis’ “irreverent approach to sophistication” fit this collection best.  Beautifully produced pieces, designed with the perfect mix of fun.


Photography: Anton Brookes

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