Easy elegance is term we hear, and read, often in fashion.  But it is personified in Nonoo.  Misha Nonoo was born in Bahrain and raised in London, and you can find all those sensibilities combined in her beautiful, wearable designs, and in the designer, herself.

Yesterday, she unveiled her resort collection in the Terrace at the Gramercy Park Hotel.  It was the perfect setting with its climbing vines and old-fashion glamour.  There were tea sandwiches, Prosecco and scones and jam, and some of the most stunning clothes I’ve ever seen.

The collection was inspired by Edwina, Countess Mountbatten of Burma and the last Vicereine of India.  But don’t let that make you think the looks were in any way stuffy or derivative.  They were designed for the modern woman with amazing places to go and endless sights to see.  Misha Nonoo said, “think of this as the countess kind of disheveled, a little bit come undone.  But she has a very interesting, textured life, and the clothes are a little bit like that, too.”

The textures are a study in contrast that all work together perfectly:  double face crepes and four-ply silks mesh perfectly with French lace and chiffon.  The prints, from lattice prints to polka dots and botanicals are fun and quirky, the embellishments just enough and never over-the-top.  The colors are bright and fun, from vivid yellow and deep blues to, one of my favorites, a persimmon floral print dress that was perfectly tailored, but easy to wear.

From suits and skirts to light summer tops and dresses made to be unpacked and worn on a sultry summer day, the collection is subtle but sexy, just right for the grand tour, or a weekend in the Hamptons.  You could literally go to Nonoo and find every piece you need for your summer holiday, whatever event or adventure you might encounter.

Nonoo says she designs the clothes that she would like to wear and that’s why they’re made with comfort as well as style in mind.  And that’s true, the looks are as lovely and easy going as she is.

And even better news: starting this fall, her line will be carried in Bergdorf Goodman, so now they’ll be accessible as well as desirable.

Photography: Anton Brookes

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