There is always something so special about a Zang Toi runway show.  Not a lot of gimmicks (last year’s surprise catwalk turn by Kirstie Alley notwithstanding), just pure, in-your-face elegance from this master of structure and tailoring.

For Fall 2012, he pulled out all the stops, and wrapped it around a glamorous ‘60s vibe, an ode to a look from the ‘60s not often mentioned.  Bright white dresses, suits and skirts were opulently embellished in silver and stones, blacks and greys were overlaid with white lace.  Work suits were buttonless, with long jackets and long lines that made each model look 10 feet tall.  The looks were sleek, strong and, as always in a Zang Toi collection, elegant.

And then, there’s his evening wear, a collection that goes beyond the red carpet, all the way to the ball.  A long, sexy black number was decorated with feathers, a magnificent, wide ball gown was ruffled from head to toe.

Red seemed to be a favorite color here, with several slim, beautiful red gowns walking the catwalk. There was even a red-based print that showed up in women’s evening wear, and one men’s long evening coat.

The show stopper was a wide gown in a more muted version of the red print, with one strap made from what looked like jet baubles.

As ever, Zang took his bows to a standing ovation from a crowd that’s always appreciative of his detailed, feminine, beautiful looks, clothes most of us can only aspire to.

Photography: Anton Brookes

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