You just knew this runway show would be something special when you walked into the room and saw a black, shining runway.  It’s no surprise that Reem Acra is a fan of glistening, glimmering clothes.  But this season, it was a parade of girl power, crossing that gleaming sea.

Her day looks were straight, structured and tailored to within an inch of their lives, creating an army of very stylish female (and feminine) soldiers.  Skirts were pin straight, jackets tightly cinched.  The colors went from black to grey, and tops were lacy and powerful.

The show started with a series of leather dresses and suits that could have been painted on.  That was followed by a different kind of shine, with shimmering sequined skirts and tightly tailored jackets.

Wools, herringbones, silks and sleek, textured fabrics made every piece interesting, classy and timeless.  Even the hair looks were slicked back and severe.

When she moved from day to night things loosened up a bit.  Short, flirty flapper dresses lightened the look, as did the beautifully embellished short cocktail looks.  And evening wear was designed for the red carpet, some of the looks shining and metallic, some of them dotted with well-placed cutouts, all of them rich and incredibly sexy.

The final looks brought us back to the start, with the most tightly fitted, single-shouldered crepe gown, more work of art than evening wear.

Photography: Anton Brookes

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