It’s hard not to like Tracy Reese.  I have had the distinct pleasure of interviewing the designer several times, and she’s lovely, modest and incredibly talented.  This season is no different (apart from what I find a very disturbing return to fur, an ailment that has afflicted so many designers this season, but I was hoping I wouldn’t see it here).

Disappointing fur aside, her designs are never less than enchanting.  For Fall, she’s showing some grays and blacks, of course, but the richness of her colors truly stand out.  A deep gunmetal, accordion-pleated skirt was paired with a chunky sweater, a mix of textures that would appear again and again, as in a pale pink accordion-pleated skirt matched with a sleek jacket and a sparkly, sequined top paired with a buttery bronze leather skirt.  There were beautifully cut pants, tight to the knee, then opening into the subtlest flair.

A perfect floral print dress paired with a leather belt was feminine and professional, and a kind of out-there, gray blocked pants suit was actually quite pretty, as was a sleek pink blocked dress.  Leathers mixed with wools, beautifully tailored outwear covered sparkly, sequined dresses, lightweight knits became lacy dresses.

I wonder if anyone knows pattern and fabric as well as Tracy Reese.  They both make her designs instantly recognizable, and a favorite of her loyal customers, as in the metallic gray dress with a black infinity-print down the front paired with a chunky wool cape.  Evening looks really stood out this season, as well, especially the big, pleated palazzo pants paired with a sequined black top.

Her shows are getting bigger and more popular with each season, and she never loses the ability to make women look and feel feminine.  I say bring on spring, the season of even brighter colors, and, hopefully, a lot less fur.

Photography: Anton Brookes

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