Tamara Pogosian is one of the staples of New York Fashion Week.  Of course, if you never venture outside the Lincoln Center tents, you wouldn’t know that.  Pogosian always shows off-site, usually in some trendy venue, this time at District 26.

If you speak to her, she’ll tell you her collections are all about love and empowerment, and this season she put her money where her heart is, and dedicated a portion of the proceeds to the Global Syndicate and its pilot program, The Haiti Project.

Pogosian is the absolute Queen of dresses.  If you want something to wear to a party, an event or a night out on the town, she’s your girl.  This season, her flowy silk gowns shimmered, her skirts and tops sparkled.  Every look had some sparkly embellishment.  Her basic color palette was very Fall, indeed:  magenta, mahogany, oak, bereza and caviar.  She added a metallic shine to a brown, floor-length gown (worn by Johanna Botta, from “The Real World”, among other things).  A brown skirt and top shined with silver sequins.

Pogosian’s clothes are decidedly sexy, not slutty.  Even corseted tops maintained the modesty of the wearer.  Although the looks were form-fitting, they flared out in easy, sensual draping.  But there was also a lovely and memorable metallic sheath mini.  Hers are styles you can see just about everyone wearing, something to put on when it’s time to get your girl on.

Photography: Anton Brookes

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