In the interest of full disclosure, I must begin this blog by saying this was my favorite runway show of the Fall season.  It was the very last show on a very long Day Three in the Tents, and I thought of about a million reasons to skip it.  But it was a People’s Revolution show, produced by the legendary Kelly Cutrone, and I make it a policy never to skip a Kelly show if I’m invited, and, anyway, it would be a chance to sit down, so why not?

From the moment the first model stepped onto the runway, I just knew this was something special.  Francesc titled the collection “Garuda”, after the story of the Phoenix, the mythical bird that burns in a fiery death, then rises from the ashes, every 500 years.  There was more fire than ash here, with beautiful, elegant designs in vibrant reds, burnt orange and golden yellows.  The ash was represented by pewter-grays and blacks.

Francesc showed pants suits, high-waisted trousers and dresses in flowing, liquidy silks and wools.  There were so many different silhouettes, from tightly tailored to voluminous.  One incredibly elegant evening dress, done in a bright burnt orange silk, was enough to move any fashionista to tears.  There was nothing here that needed interpretation, it was just a collection of beautiful, feminine clothes, the kind of collection that reminds you Fashion Week is special, and it’s a joy to be invited into those Tents.

There’s a simple lesson here:  if you’re lucky enough to be invited to MB Fashion Week, suck down the caffeine, load up on sugar, do whatever you need to do to make it to the last show of the day.

photography: Anton Brookes

To see video of the Toni Francesc runway at Mercedes-Benz Fall 2011 Fashion Week, click on Red Stiletto icon below.

camera:  Scott Fetterman/Chad Cooper       edit:  Scott Fetterman

music:  Tony Di Pietro

produced for Red Stiletto Media

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