Hanging around the various venues that comprise New York Fashion Week, you can pick up tips and make sensational discoveries about more than, well, fashion.  Case in point:  I had the great joy to be invited to the Kenneth Cole runway show, and the greater honor to be invited backstage.  If you don’t know why that was such an honor, I’ll explain in our Kenneth Cole piece.

But the discovery came in the form of a new line of hair products.  It’s called Jonathan, and there is so much about it that makes it special.  Now, I am definitely follicle challenged, in that I have hair that looks fantastic after it has been through the hands of a professional.  The other 360 or so days of the year, when I’m left to my own devices?  Not so much.  And so my life is a near constant search for the product that will change all that, and make my hair do what I’ve asked, begged, manipulated and failed to get it to do on my own.

So, a little healthy skepticism crept in when I was handed information and a couple of samples of Jonathan product backstage.  That skepticism turned to hair happiness upon the first application, which happened to be of “Silky Dirt”.

What makes it special?  It starts with the company ethos, I suppose.  The products boast “high quality ingredients, made from select natural oils, exotic butters, vitamin rich fruit and plant and sea extracts.”  In other words, all pretty natural.

Next, it’s what’s left out:  sulfates, which can irritate your hair and scalp, fade your hair color and dry out your hair.  They’re also missing parabens, which are not only bad for your hair, but could be bad for your body and your skin (some of them react with UV light to increase aging oils). And, they’re vegan, so no animal products or testing.  All very good for the soul and psyche, but what about your hair?

The “Silky Dirt” left my hair smooth and shining, and it actually did what I wanted when I hit it with the blow dryer.  That’s pretty amazing.  And so I decide to try some other products, like Weightless Smooth No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner, and the Hydrating Balm.  It all made my hair feel great and behave.

I’ll continue to use Jonathan because, at last, I’ve found something that works, is accessible (I’ve found it at my local Duane Reade) and it smells so good.  Don’t let the Duane Reade fool you, it’s not cheap.  But a little goes a long way.

Backstage at Kenneth Cole, no lesser stylist than the legendary Didier Malige agreed to use Jonathan products to style the models’ hair, and if you click on the video, above, you’ll see him in action, and learn a little more about what makes Jonathan product great.

Video & Edit: Scott Fetterman  Music: Tony Di Pietro

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