Reem AcraReem Acra is another of the designers who knows her audience, and designs the perfect clothes for her woman.  Expensive, classic and classy, Reem Acra’s runway is another in the list of must-see shows, season after season.

Reem AcraReem AcraReem AcraReem Acra

What seems like a simple design to start the show wasn’t simple at all:  a white sheath with delicate cut-outs turned simple into incredibly special.  White pants and a leather jacket, a skirt and a bright green shell top with the same cut-outs followed, perfect for grown-up, successful women who never want to lose their edge.

Reem AcraReem AcraReem AcraReem Acra

Like a mystery unfolding, the looks became more sophisticated and complicated as the show went on, with sexy, see-through tops hidden under jackets.  The story just kept growing as the audience waited for the looks Acra is most famous for.

Reem AcraReem AcraReem AcraIMG_7847  Reem Acra

Pops of color came in the form of that green, in a sleek, sleeveless dress, and a bright, burnt-orange blocked with black.  There weren’t many prints, just one jacket paired with a white dress embellished with sparkly flowers.  Slowly, we moved down the party route with some body-hugging dresses, and a few that were a bit bigger and buttoned-up.

Reem AcraReem AcraReem AcraReem Acra But it was when we got red-carpet ready that we saw what Reem Acra is all about, and does so beautifully.  From seemingly simple gowns dressed up with a little bling, it was full-on Reem Acra.  Satin slacks with a top that looked like it was covered in diamonds was followed with a long-sleeved, backless shimmering gown.

Reem AcraReem Acra IMG_7805  Reem AcraIMG_7817  Reem Acra

Dresses with cut-out midriffs mixed with what seemed like more conservative, short-sleeved gowns that had a hint of see-through in the tops.  Another gold-colored wonder was see-through from the hips down.  Sexy, but never vulgar.

Reem AcraReem AcraReem AcraReem Acra Reem AcraReem AcraReem AcraReem AcraFinally, the looks I know I’d been waiting for:  full-on ball gowns, flowing and sparkling with the most intricate designs.  A bright orange gown that opened on to slim-fitting white pants embellished in the same orange was just stunning.  But breathtaking is the only word I can come up with for the final two-looks, big ball gowns suitable for anyone’s Cinderella moment.

Reem AcraReem AcraReem Acra

Reem Acra designs for her woman, the wealthy sophisticate, the dressed-up celebrity.  But they’re dresses for the rest of us to dream about.

Photography: Anton Brookes

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