ParkchoonmooParkchoonmooDemi Park knows who she is as a designer.  She should.  She’s been designing clothes practically since childhood.  She’s sure of her aesthetic, and you know what you will find at her runway outings.    Loose, monochromatic, wearable, looks with only the occasional pop of color. Spring/summer 2013 is no different.

There is something sort of Zen about her looks.  They look peaceful, comfortable. No complicated patterns.  But the draping and structure is always so imaginative.  This is one part of her collection that is always unexpected.


There was a black and grey dress that moved with every step, every breeze.  The colors may not be traditional summer hues, but the look was made for strolling on a beach on a hot summer night.


She broke up the blacks, whites and greys with the occasional pop of red this season.  In a waistband on a Capri-length onesie, or a sash on a black dress, or the frontpiece of a light silky top, the color stood out.

ParkchoonmooParkchoonmooParkchoonmooParkchoonmooParkchoonmooParkchoonmooParkchoonmooIMG_6242  Parkchoonmoo

Her clothes may not be traditional, but her shows are always eye-opening.  This is, again, fashion-as-art.

Photography: Anton Brookes

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