In the interest of full disclosure, I have to say that I have been asking (maybe begging) for an invite to Nanette Lepore’s runway for, let’s say, a long time.  It didn’t matter the size or distinction of the medium I was covering for, there was just dead silence in response to my request. But I refused to stop asking, and when, this season, an e-vite arrived, I was sure it was some kind of trick.  But I responded, of course, and cautiously touched my invite to the scanner in the Tents.  And it was true, I was in.  Pure joy.

Nanette LeporeNanette LeporeNanette LeporeNanette Lepore

So why did I work so hard and face continued humiliation for this invite?  You can’t know until you see a Nanette Lepore collection come down the runway.  She is simply the epitome of cool.

Nanette LeporeNanette LeporeNanette LeporeNanette Lepore

From the Obama-Biden pins left on seats to the live band, Brazilian Girls, at the top of the runway, I was in with the cool kids at last, convinced we’d all gather behind the gym for a forbidden cigarette together as soon as the show was over.  We didn’t, but it’s that kind of cool.

Nanette LeporeIMG_9113  Nanette LeporeNanette LeporeIMG_9134  Nanette Lepore  Nanette Lepore

Oh, and what about the clothes?  Well, quite simply, they’re so cool.  She started the show with a summer dress in a gingham print with a halter top that screamed summer market on Martha’s Vineyard.  A striped short paired with mismatched knit tops and floral print jacket followed, and that set the theme for the show.

Nanette LeporeNanette LeporeIMG_9148  Nanette LeporeNanette Lepore

The stripe/floral/knit showed up several times, and until you see Nanette Lepore pair the impossible, you’d never believe it could be done.  Her prints are fresh, the colors cool and summery, an inviting combination of turquoise, green and pink, and later coral.

Nanette LeporeNanette LeporeNanette LeporeNanette Lepore

Crisp whites and sexy blacks were thrown into the mix, in knit dresses and cover-ups, with intricate patterns and peek-a-boo stitching.  Swimsuits were made in the same beautiful prints that lit up the runway.

Nanette LeporeNanette LeporeNanette LeporeNanette Lepore

What makes Nanette Lepore truly special is her design.  There’s no such thing as a standard skirt, top, dress or pant.  Each one offers a little something different.  When you walk out, you can’t wait to take a bold step and mix those patterns!  Nanette said it was ok.

Photography: Anton Brookes

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