One of my favorite pre-Fashion Week moments is spent opening that invitation from Charlotte Ronson.  She is one of the designers whose looks always make me smile.  There’s no doubt she designs for girls.

For Spring/Summer 2013, Ronson was inspired by the ocean, and that manifested itself not just in color, but in style.  First down the runway was the sand, pretty, feminine dresses covered in netting.  Beach wear was represented by shorts and bra-tops.  Then, there are the summer dresses.  They came in beautiful, floral patterns based in deep blue.

But it wasn’t all soft femininity.  The Ronson edge came in the form of soft, black leather.  A skirt topped by a sleeveless vest was a real standout.

She played with summer-like textures so beautifully.  Cotton mixed with lace, the sheerest silks were matched with netting, and a see-through plastic that was paired with many different looks.  Jackets and dresses featured shoulder cut-outs that were filled with lace.

When I think Charlotte Ronson, I think dresses, because her looks are so feminine.  And this season she really didn’t disappoint.  One favorite played on her ocean theme with waves of blue working their way up from the hem. Those blues, obviously, featured in a series of designs, as did seafoam green, soft grey and coral.

And the music, mixed by DJ, you guessed it, Samantha Ronson, was so perfectly appropriate, you couldn’t help but smile and wish for spring to roll on, quick.  I really do heart Ronson.

Photography: Anton Brookes

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