I have to admit, Brandon Sun is a bit of a problem for me.  He is, without doubt, a brilliant young designer.  His creativity and tailoring skills are remarkable.  His designs are beautiful, fresh and different enough to make them interesting, but not so out there that you couldn’t wear them.

But, here’s my problem.  Fur.  He doesn’t just use it, he dwells in it.  He’s sponsored by a fur manufacturer, that’s how much fur he uses.  Spring is usually a much more relaxing time for me, since it’s too warm for fur.  But not at a Brandon Sun show.  He still found a way to work fur into most of the pieces.  I recognize that this is not an issue for most people, but it is for me.

Whew, now that it’s out there, I can say that his non-fur items are just beautiful, and for that reason, I can’t resist the chance to see his collections.  This season, there were exquisitely tailored dresses with a fascinating mix of textures:  leather sleeves on a light wool dress.  A light-as-a-feather long shift was accompanied by, what else, a feather necklace.  A floor-length sleeveless dress had a long peplum.  A colorful and breezy print top paired with oversized pants.

He has an amazing way of playing with fabrics, with lengths, with styling.  He is a very young designer with a very bright future.  And if you don’t have my aversion to fur, he’s someone you’ll want to watch for years to come.

Photography: Anton Brookes

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