A Carlos Miele collection is always beautiful and elegant, and it’s always influenced, in some way, by his homeland.  This season, he drew his inspiration from a very specific place, and a very specific group of women:  the cowgirls of the southern tip of Brazil.

From the Latin tunes played by brothers Anthony and Sean Souza, to the delicate Bolero hats sported by many of the models, this collection was un homage to this rich culture.

The influence was obvious in a beautiful black poncho adorned with a gold, graphic design.  It was obvious, too, in the wide gaucho pants and a shining skirt with a jeweled black vest.  The prints, mostly in earth tones, were mostly graphic and showed up in tops and dresses, and even gowns.

There were the occasional welcome pops of color, rich jewel tones used in a black and blue asymmetrical gown, a bright orange belted day dress and another brilliant pink print.

But where Carlos Miele always excels is in his elegant evening wear, and despite the cowgirl vibe, this collection was no different.  Two real standouts for me were a shimmering gold number that looked like it had been sliced with a razor down the front and back, elegance with an edge.  Another was a black gown with layer upon layer of ruffles, part Southern Belle, part Lower East Side chic.

The real gauchas might not be wearing these looks on the next cattle drive, but for life in the city or a glamourous evening out, Carlos Miele never disappoints.

Photography: Anton Brookes

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