There is a real joy to an Anna Sui collection, much as there is to Anna Sui herself.  Her designs are girly, flowy and always fun.  They’re not always the easiest to wear, but they’re fantastic to look at.

And fantastic is certainly what she was going for in her Fall/Winter 2012 looks.  It was almost magical, with beautiful book-printed dresses and tops, gorgeous, subtle plaids, and a fair amount of bling.  There was even a print featuring the addresses of all of Sui’s shops.

Colorful print dresses in the brightest and hottest pinks and reds, royal blues and brilliant oranges really popped, and the colorful, opaque tights added to the bohemian style of the collection perfectly.  Outerwear looked warm and comfy with a bit of a hippy vibe, but in a very good way.  The magic came from the cut butterflies on one bodice, or an ethereal owl applique.  Or, maybe it was the Harry Potter specs worn by some of the models. And one shiny party dress will make you re-think your opinion that beige equals boring.

 Yes, Sui’s designs make you think young.  But there was a certain finesse in this collection, an attention to tailoring, that made many of the looks in this collection right for just about everyone.

Photography: Anton Brookes

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