The cool duo combines aquatic landscapes with a chic bohemian vibe for Spring/Summer 2012

There is a certain cool that comes with a Nicholas K collection.  For Spring/Summer 2012, the designing duo hit a most of their familiar notes:  the asymmetrical layers, the long, flowy tops, cropped jackets and capri-length trousers and leggings.  But there is always such a sleek yet comfortable and very modern vibe with each new collection, and it was definitely there this time.

First down the runway was a collection in white, starting with a shimmering white jacket for girls.  There were small pops of beige, in scarves and head bands.  That led the way to the beiges, then greens, corals and blues.  The colors are peaceful, beautiful, and inspired by the sea.  Designer Nicholas Kunz told me the collection was inspired by transparencies, nature, the sea and jellyfish.  “There is a lot of white, coral,” she told me.  “There’s a lot of aquatic colors like blues and turquoise.  There’s a very summer, beachy theme.”

You could see the inspiration more clearly when you got to the colors.  There was a long, flowing coral dress topped by a matching cropped leather jacket.  A soft-as-butter print dress paired with a mid-length layered jacket, both in a color described as “algae”.  A silky, blue print top with matching blue short leggings and a layered top really popped.  There were deep grays and enough neutrals to remind you this is a Nicholas K collection.  But one true standout was a shiny black coat with a big collar that was chic and elegant, and very cool.

And the boys looks were every bit as ethereal as the girls’:  breezy jackets, soft knit tops and relaxed, comfortable slacks, in whites, blues, greens and grays.

The hair and makeup was created by the amazing duo of Zahir Zaina and Lindsay Ebbin of Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas, and it was perfect for the look.  Zahir described the hair as classic, but edgy.  “The clothes have a lot of definition and surprising movement,” he told me, “so we didn’t want to do something too important for the hair, too.  So it will be something very natural.”  And it was, young and elegant with a side braid and whisps of loose, shimmering hair.

The makeup was a perfect match, too, for both the girls and the boys, often more of a challenge.  As Lindsay Ebbin described it, “for the boys, it’s sort of “rock-a-billy”, very masculine and natural. It’s taking their outer good looks and just accentuating them.”

The girls’ makeup, too, was very simple and natural with no color on the skin, very matte, not dewy or shiny, very light eye shadow and a bright pop of coral on the lips.

This is “chic bohemian”, street style done in a sophisticated way, relaxed yet elegant, everything the Nicholas K customer keeps coming back for.

To view video of the collection, and listen to backstage interviews, click here.

Photography: Anton Brookes  Videography and Edit: Scott Fetterman

Produced for Red Stiletto Media

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