What better way to lure the press to the debut of your new footwear line than by offering a free pair of bowling shoes?  I can’t remember the last time I went bowling, or even thought about going bowling.  But when the Miz-Mooz email arrived, inviting me to the launch of the their Spring 2011 line at the fantastically garish Bowlmor lanes in Times Square, then added to the enticement by throwing in a free pair of bowling shoes, I was hooked.  I had to have those shoes, even if it meant I had to bowl to get them.

I also discovered my competitive streak is alive and well when, after getting a bright orange box with a brand new pair of bowling shoes, we were informed that, if we could bowl more strikes than any of the other journalists or fashion writers or whomever gets invited to these things, we’d win.  Well, to be honest, I’m not sure if it was Miz-Mooz shoes for life or a $200 gift certificate.  It didn’t matter, it was game on for me, and I eyed the competition, a smallish woman who didn’t even put on her new bowling shoes (not very sporting, or even allowed, I would have thought).  And that was before I had even seen the shoes.  They could have been sexy, chic, mile-high stilettos, or granny-style orthopedics.  I wanted to win.

I’m pleased to say I did score three strikes before my lane-mate threw in the towel, and the fight drained out of me.  Then, I thought, it’s time to look at the shoes.  I’m glad I did.

Miz-Mooz is a small-ish, New York-based footwear line, dedicated to the concept that beauty and comfort can coexist, at least in shoes.  And these shoes are, truly, unbelievably, both.  They’re pretty and feminine in style, from flats and wedges to platforms and heels, and even some very sleek boots. But little touches and attention to details make them genuinely comfortable, and nearly good for your feet.  Heels are slightly wider and centered for better weight distribution, so there’s less pressure on your foot.  And they’re never too high.  The styles are girly enough without being precious, sensible without being too earth-mothery.

The price points are accessible, and Miz-Mooz footwear is available at small specialty shoe shops and big chains, like Nordstroms, just check out the website, at www.miz-mooz.com.  Let your fingers do the walking, then do your feet a favor with a pair of shoes that’s both sensible and pretty.

photography: Anton Brookes

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