Obviously, we’d say the answer is “no!” There is so much to say about the world of fashion, that hundreds, even thousands of bloggers couldn’t possibly say it all.  Fashion is more than clothes and accessories, it is a state of mind.  And the beautiful thing about it is, each and every one of us has a slightly different state of mind.

For example, we here at Red Stiletto Media love fashion, with an extra helping of love.  But we’re not fashionistas, per se.  We’re much more normal than that.  Instead, we simply want to follow the fashionistas, find out what they’re wearing, what they’re doing, witness their events, check out their gift bags.  We wait for those e-mails from the PR companies, inviting us to the launch of a new product or a new line.  We begin to vibrate on January 2nd or, say, August 1st when we realize Fashion Week is just around the corner, and soon that notice will be in the mail that it’s time to register, send out our pleading requests for invitations or backstage interviews and wait, hopefully, to see who responds with that “yes!”, then develop our plan of attack.  And, before you know it, we are in the tents, our version of a truly holy place where inexplicably wonderful things happen, and only the chosen few, or few thousand, can see it firsthand. Where, for just eight days, twice a year, you’re cocooned in that heavy tenting, and you don’t have to discuss the larger issues in the world that may be more important, and generally more depressing, the other 349 days of the year.

And that’s what we want to convey here.  We want to bring that excitement to anyone, everyone, who loves fashion in their own special way.  We all need clothes.  But if fashion is what you crave, we hope you will join us on this magical journey to a place where nothing else matters but the hottest color, the trendiest skirt length or the finest fabric.  And play along, because when it comes to fashion, we all have plenty to say.

photography:  Anton Brookes

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